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  • Do we treat exotic animals? If yes, what type?
    Yes, we have limited doctors who see 'exotics', please call one of our hospitals for current options, and to schedule a consult!
  • Do we take 'walk-in' appointments?
    Please call one of our locations first, because if you 'walk in' for a non life-threatening emergency, there may be a wait. To avoid a wait, our reception staff will offer an appointment, or look for availability at our other locations.
  • Do we declaw cats?
    No, but we will perform this surgery if it is for medical reasons. If there is a medical reason, please set up a consultation appointment with us.
  • Do we dock tails?
    Yes, but only for puppies under 4 days old.
  • Do we crop ears?
  • Do we offer chiropractic services for pets?
    At this time we do not offer chiropractic services for pets. We do offer acupuncture and laser therapy though!
  • Do we offer 'Health Certificates'?
  • Do we offer 'Travel Certificates'?
    Yes, we have specific doctors that do health certificates. Because these are time sensitive, please contact us to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
  • Do we do 'house calls'?
    Yes, but the availability for this is limited.
  • I just found an animal. Can I bring them to your hospital?
    We can scan pets for microchips, but can not house them. We recommend that if you have Facebook, post the information in Gainesville PetFinder or contact the Alachua County Animal Services for lost/found pet options.
  • What types of surgeries do we perform?
    We perform all routine procedures and many other complex surgeries. A full list of procedures can be found on our Surgeries page. Please call to schedule a consultation and to get further information!
  • Do you give surgical estimates?
    Absolutely! We create surgical estimates during your consultation with us.
  • Does my pet need to be an established client before I can get them spayed/neutered at NAH?
    Yes, we do require pets to have a consultation with the surgeon
  • Are all medications dispensed by prescription only?
    Almost all medications we dispense are by prescription only. Your pet needs an updated exam to fill meds with us.
  • Why can't I get my pets medications or prescription food refilled before bringing them in for an exam/heartworm test?
    According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, a veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) must by law be established in order for a veterinarian to diagnose and treat your pet as well as prescribe and dispense their medications. A VCPR is established only when your veterinarian examines your pet in person, and is maintained by regular veterinary visits to monitor their health. Here in Florida, this means your pet must be examined at least once per year. If a VCPR is established but your veterinarian does not regularly see your pet afterward, the VCPR is no longer valid and it would be illegal and unethical for your veterinarian to dispense or prescribe medications or recommend treatment without recently examining your pet. For more information on veterinarian-client-patient relationships, visit
  • Why do I have to bring my pet multiple times a year for vaccines? Can't they be done at once?
    Most vaccines can be given at one time, depending on the doctor's discretion. Some vaccines are due on a yearly basis and others are on 3 year basis, which can change the timing for being given together.
  • Do you have vaccine/wellness packages?
    Yes! We offer discounted packages when owners combine exam, vaccines, bloodworks, and fecals together. To view all available wellness packages, visit our 'Packages' page.
  • What is included in a bath package?
    Our bathing package includes a bath with shampoo, and ear cleaning, and a nail trim.
  • Can pets get baths only without being a client?
    Yes, with updated required vaccines.
  • What kind of information is available through scanning a pet's microchip?
    A microchip number that can be searched on This website will provide the company's phone number the microchip was registered with. The company can provide NAH with owners information - phone number, address, and email address.
  • Can I volunteer with NAH?
    Absolutely! Click here to view our volunteer application.
  • Do we give military or senior discounts?
    Yes, with proof of active military card/driver's license
  • Do we offer payment plans?
    No, but we do accept CareCredit which affords convenience in a similar fashion.
  • Do we take pet insurance?
    We do! Check out our 'Pet Insurance' page for more information.
  • Do we accept CareCredit?
    Absolutely! We even have CareCredit QR codes in our office to sign up if needed at the time of service. Click here to learn more about CareCredit
  • Do we accept Scratch Pay?
    Absolutely! We even have Scratch Pay QR codes in our office to sign up if needed at the time of service. Click here to learn more about Scratch Pay.
  • Do we board pets?
    Yes! Dogs and cats can.board at two of our hospitals: 39th Ave and Newberry. We have vaccine and temperament requirements. For more information, please call! If for some reason both locations are fully booked, please visit one of our local pet partner boarding facilities!
  • Can I board my pets without being a client?
    Yes, we as long as we have proof of required vaccines.
  • What vaccines are needed for my pet(s) to board here?
    For Dogs - Rabies, DHP/P, & Bordetella For Cats - FVRCP & Rabies
  • Does my pet need to be pre-screened before boarding with NAH?
    Yes, all dogs are required to have a boarding pre-screening if we have never boarded them before.
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