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Imagine--you and your family have scheduled the family trip of a lifetime! One problem… Who is going to take care of your pet while you’re having all that fun? Many veterinary hospitals in Gainesville, Fl offer pet boarding in kennels for your pets when you go out of town. Although turning your amazing furry loved one over to others can seem a little intimidating at first, your local veterinarians should do everything they can to make you and your fur-babies feel as comfortable as possible.

Here are a few things to think about before choosing an animal hospital for boarding:


​1.  First, establish how long your trip is going to be. This will allow the local vets near you to give you a more accurate estimate of the price.


2. Research as much as possible into all the local veterinarians in Gainesville, Fl. This can include touring the kennels prior to your trip, or asking questions of those friends of yours that have boarded their dogs or cats there previously. The more information you gather, the easier it will be to find the perfect home away from home with veterinary care for your pet!


While your pet is being cared for, you may also elect to have bathing, nail trimming, vaccinations, or even an exam while you are on your trip.  The full list of services are here. Your favorite vet can contact you for the important questions while you are away. Newberry Animal Hospital, located in Alachua County, offers all of these services and more.  With all new state of the art kennels for boarding, your furry friend should feel right at home.


To learn more or to just schedule a boarding today, contact one of our convenient locations in Gainesville, or Newberry!

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