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Dog Boarding-Gainesville FL
Cat Boarding-Gainesville FL

I love travel lists.  It helps me save time as I am packing, and helps ensure that I do not forget basic necessities.  Some people even have lists for their animals when they travel.  If you are looking for pet boarding in Gainesville, Florida during the holidays, you should call Newberry Animal Hospital.  

Not only will they offer you their best pet travel list, but they can offer services to your animals while you are out of town.  Need a spay for a pet in Gainesville?  You can have this done as you travel! 


Here is how it works:  Once you drop your pet off and fill out our boarding questionnaire, we can actually get your dog or cat up-to-date on the required vaccinations during their stay.  Let us make your life easier, and do this while they are already in our care! Does your cat need a neuter?  Gainesville is full of affordable vets that will offer a spay or neuter, but don't just choose one based on animal hospitals near you.  Choose a veterinarian that feels right to you.  They are not all the same!  Read the reviews, both on Facebook and on Google.  Ask your friends and neighbors who they are using to get their pet vaccinations, or their Check out our available  pet services here.

We have advanced surgical techniques available in our hospitals, and if you visit our 39th Avenue/I-75 location, we have extended hours for your convenience.  Just take SR 222 north of the Newberry exit and head west to our location on 97th Boulevard.  We would love to schedule an appointment for you, or give you a tour if you'd like to see our hospital.  

To learn more about our wonderful veterinarians, click here

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