Katie, CVT, CVPM, Hospital Administrator

Katie is our super-charged bundle of energy! In addition to providing animal care, she wears multiple hats and is an integral component of the practice. Her professional interests include rescue work, human resources, and business processes. She received her certification in Veterinary Practice Management in October of 2012. She enjoys kickball, reading, gardening, and watching the Red Sox. She loves all of her animals, and believes that “when you enjoy your pets, you live life to the fullest.”

Susan, Bookkeeper

Susan and her husband, David, love animals and have two energetic dogs, Brutus (pictured), and Lucy. Susan has been a vegetarian for over three years and enjoys looking for new vegetarian restaurants to try. In her spare time, Susan can be found running marathons, visiting her daughter Nicole in Orlando, or spending the day at the pool or beach.

Laura, Marketing Director

Laura handles our hospital marketing with key assistance from our hospital staff. Keeping pets as the focus, her approach to marketing just involves highlighting the role that pets play in our lives. Laura's pets include Gunnar (chihuahua/min pin mix), and cats, Motor & SweatPea, and a farm full of cows, calves, and a bull. In her spare time, she is learning how to fuse glass in a kiln, loves to travel, and spends as much time as possible with her husband and children.  

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Katherine, Practice Manager

Katherine manages our 39th Ave location and has a bachelors degree in Business Management from Warner University.  Her interests are in educating clients about pet care and training new associates. She is has a pitbull named Maverick. In her spare time she enjoys running, hiking, fishing, working on cars, and promotions.   Katherine's pet philosophy is this:  'Pets show us a love we never knew possible. It is our job to advocate for our patients and provide the highest quality medical care in a compassionate manner.'

Mishelle, Client Service Representative

Mishelle is one of the smiling faces you see at our 39th avenue location. She has two pets-- 1 dog, (shiba inu) named Katara, 1 cat named Zeka.  She loves spending time with her son, painting, traveling, and adventure.

Marina, Client Service Representative

Marina is one of the friendly faces you first meet at our 39th Avenue location.  She has three dogs--one Pointer mix named Oakley, another Pointer mix named Zeva and a Pitbull named Winston. She also has a cat named Mowgli, 6 fish and a leopard gecko!  When it comes to pets, she believes that all pets are family!

Ryann, Client Service Representative

Ryann is one of the friendly faces you first meet at our 39th Avenue location. She has two dogs, a silky Terrier named Maggie and a Lab/Rottweiler mix named Albert.  Ryann is a SFCC graduate with an AA in Animal Sciences and currently a Vet Tech student at Penn Foster. She has a strong interest in becoming a CVT with a focus on surgical procedures.  In her spare time, she enjoys practicing yoga, and hanging out with friends and family.

Mary, Certified Vet Technician

Mary is one of the friendly vet technicians at our 39th location. Her family consists of her husband and all of her wonderful rescue dogs. She has two toy Australian shepherds Max and Alfie, a standard Aussie named Hera, a hound mix named Boomer, a Border collie mix named Rocket, and just a few household cats. In her spare time, Mary enjoys local car shows, rescue work, dog shows, and being a part of the Gainesville Street Rods. Her pet philosophy is that 'pets are family members, and should be treated as such.'

Jessie, Vet Technician

Jessie is one of the smiling technicians you meet at our 39th Avenue location. She has one dog, Beni, who is a Black Mouth Curr mix, 2 pigeons named Peep and Hope, 12 chickens, and a horse named Harley Quinn.

Jessie has a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science from UF, as well as a strong interest in exotics and would like to focus on veterinary physical therapy and rehabilitation. Her pet philosophy is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care through a combination of modern, holistic, and other therapeutic methods. In her spare time, she enjoys painting models, exercising, and gaming with her boyfriend.

Jamie, Vet Technician

Jamie is one of our Vet Techs at our 39th location.  She has two cats - Isabell and Peaches. She graduated from UCF with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. When it comes to pet care, Jamie is interested in small animal emergency medicine and critical care.

Savanna, Vet Technician

Savanna is one of our Vet Techs at 39th Ave. She has a dog named Beau, and three cats named Kitty, Foster and Reba. She is currently in school at UF studying wildlife ecology and conservation, and in her spare time, enjoys hiking with her dog, mountain biking, and photography. Her Pet Philosophy is that 'Pets might only be there for a part of our lives, but for them we are their whole lives.'

Megan, Vet Assistant

Megan is one of the smiling faces that take care of our boarding patients! She has a pitbull, 3 cats, and a bunny!  She is currently studying Animal Science at SFCC, but already become a Certified Vet Assistant through Santa Fe High School. Her pet philosophy is that 'all animals deserve to be loved and well taken care of'  In her spare time, Megan loves to play Volleyball with her family, friends, and boyfriend.   

Latasha, Vet Assistant

Latasha is one of the smiling faces that takes care of our boarding patients! She has a pitbull named Bella and a shorthair domestic cat named Chai, as well as a yellow-belly slider name 'Thomas the turtle'!  Her pet philosophy is that 'Pets make you live a happier life', and in her spare time, enjoys taking family trips and playing Farmville Tropical Escape.    

Sabrina, Vet Assistant

Sabrina is a vet assistant at our 39th Ave location, and is currently in school at the University of Florida studying Animal Sciences with a specialization in biology.  She has 3 dogs; Cocoa-Puff, Alacran, and Ranger. She has 8 cats; Jack-Lynn, Cleo-Leo-Patra, Nevada, Mercy, Meechie, Racer, Goldie, and Frisky. She also has 2 horses; Rogan and Kodiak. She has a strong interest in surgical medicine and would like to focus on large animal surgery in the future, and in her spare time, she loves horseback riding and playing video games with her family.


Amanda, Client Service Representative

Amanda is a part of our reception staff at our Newberry location.  She has 3 pets- a terrier mix named Pork Chop, a Lab mix named Ruby, and short-haired cat named Ranger!  Amanda graduated from SFCC with a degree in Zoo animal tech, and has a strong interest in improving her skills in caring for animals and the environment. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, camping and kayaking with her husband, Mike, and beautiful step-daughters.  

Makayla, Client Service Representative

Makayla is at the front desk at our Newberry location.  She has 2 dogs...a chihuahua named Ella and an American Staffordshire named Blake-- and also a cat named Alice. In her spare time, she enjoys time on the river and riding ATV's with her family and friends.  As far as a pet philosophy, she feels that 'the love of a dog is a pure thing. They give you a trust which is total and you must not betray it.'  

Mary, Client Service Representative

Mary is one of our receptionists at our Newberry location. She has always had a love for animals.  In her spare time, she is spending time with her two dogs Zorro (Australian Cattle Dog) and Pumpkin Pie (mixed breed). If she is not with her dogs you can find Mary in the barn with her horses!  Mary has over 30 years in various customer service related experience, and she and her husband enjoy exploring the outdoors on horseback. She is currently competing on 'The Renegades' equestrian drill team and is also the current coach of the team!

Lisa, Client Service Representative

Lisa is one of the smiling faces you see in reception at our Newberry location.  She plans on finishing her studies in Biology with an emphasis in Marine Biology and has a strong interest in exotic animals and on learning all she can to care for them.  She has four dogs: 2 Great Pyrenees (Lily & Turtle), an Australian Shepard Mix (Wylie), and an Australian Cattle Dog, (Calypso), 3 domestics cats (K2, Karma and Crash Moto), 2 American Paint Horses (Renegade & Spirit), 2 iguanas, 2 Bohr-Nubian goats, 7 chickens and 7 hermit crabs. In her spare time, she loves camping, boating, reading and spending time with her family and friends.

Taylor, Vet Technician

Taylor has three dogs,  Sasha (lab mix), Zeus (corgi mix), and Dobby (terrier mix). She graduated from Athens Technical College with a Veterinary Technician degree, and became a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2014. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, with her dogs, or at Disney World.

Brianna, Vet Technician

Brianna is one of our CVT's at our Newberry location.  She has a dog named Bahia that is a Catahoua/plott hound mix.  She has her AS degree in Veterinary Technology from City College, and has a strong interest in pet wound care, oncology and internal medicine.  In her spare time, she enjoys kayaking, and going to Disney.  

Shelby, Vet Technician

Shelby is one of the Vet Techs at our Newberry location.  He has 2 cats (Stevie Wonder & Cheddar), and a dog named Coco.  Shelby is an FSU graduate in biochemistry and chemistry, but has his eyes set on vet school.  He is fascinated by internal medicine and hopes to specialize in this area as a doctor.  His pet philosophy is that 'Pets are people, too.'  In his spare time, he enjoys staying active outdoors and reading.  (He believes that the secret to a good work day is a tasty sandwich, plenty of snacks and a lot of coffee.)

Rene, Vet Assistant

Rene is staffed at our Newberry location.  She has a cat named Luna, 2 geckos, a frog and a horse named Soldier.  Rene is a graduate of SFCC Zoo Animal Tech program, and enjoys working with exotics, animal conservation and education.  In her spare time, she enjoys sewing, drumming, horseback riding, drawing, cosplaying, and mermaid-ing! Her philosophy is that 'there is no greater gift than the love of a pet. Through them, we learn to respect nature and all the creatures we share our planet with.

Autumn, Vet Assistant

Autumn has 1 dog, a Pomeranian mix named Diamond. She is currently in school at Penn Foster as a Vet Tech student. She has a strong interest in veterinary ophthalmology. In her spare time, she enjoys fishing, choreography and movie nights with her close friends and family. Her pet philosophy is "Our pets leave paw prints on our hearts."


Lauren, Office Manager

Lauren is our Office Manager at our Main Street location! She has a black Lab mix named Hausetta and a tuxedo cat named Baby. She received her Vet Assistant Certification while at Santa Fe high school, but currently attends Santa Fe college studying business management. One of her favorite sayings-  'Dog is God spelled backwards.' In her spare time, Lauren can be found doing outside activities, exploring new places, or spending time with her daughter, Tessa.

Megan, Client Service Representative

Megan is one of the smiling faces you see at our Main Street location. She has one dog named Butch, and three cats named Daisey, Ivy and Hazel.  In her free time she enjoys crafting, and hanging out with her cat.

Dawn, Certified Vet Technician

Dawn has worked in this industry for 25 years, and has a Brussels Griffon named Sprout (pictured), and six cats, Koi, Dinner, Lilly, Ahi, Cheeto, and Mango. She loves scuba diving, kayaking, going to the beach, biking, sailing, and working out.  

Callahan, Vet Technician

Callahan works at our Main Street location as a Veterinary Tech.  She is currently attending school at the University of Florida studying Animal Biology and will graduate with her Bachelor's in 2021. She is very interested in working in Small Animal medicine.  In her spare time, she helps her family run their cattle, deer, and dog ranch in Suwannee County. She also is heavily involved with the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.  Callahan's pet philosophy is this:  'Animals are our closest friends. They do not know evil or jealousy: they pass no judgement: they pass no criticisms.'

Arianna, Vet Technician

Arianna is a Vet Tech at our Main Street location.  She has a dog named Rover and 2 cats named Cassie and Skyy.  She is currently attending school at University of Florida studying Animal Biology with a strong interest in veterinary medicine.  In her spare tiem, she enjoys traveling and going to the beach with her friends and family.  

Danielle, Vet Assistant

Danielle has a lovable mixed breed hound named Scout. In 2019, Danielle completed her BS in Animal Science at UF. She enjoys reading, hiking and cooking in her spare time. When it comes to pets, Danielle believes that 'Pets are part of our lives, but for them, we are their whole world'.

Faith, Vet Assistant

Faith is one of the friendly faces you will meet at our main street location. She has 3 dogs; a hound mix named Queslar, a Pekingese named Jupiter and a chihuahua named Chico. She also has many cats and loves to foster animals. She graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors degree in Animal Science. She has a strong interest in veterinary medicine and would like to focus on animal behavior and psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, drawing and spending time with her family, animals included. Her pet philosophy is: 'Until one has loved an animal, a part of ones soul is unawakened.'

Alex, Vet Assistant

Alex is one of the friendly faces you will meet at our main street location. He has 2 dogs, a Lab mix named Thor and an Australian Shepard named Louie. He also has a cat named Luna and another one named Callie. He is currently in school at the University of Florida studying Animal Science. He loves working with small animals and hopes to one day own & operate a veterinary practice of his own. In his spare time, Alex enjoys relaxing or working out with his family and friends. His pet philosophy is: 'The bond between people and their pets is stronger than anything on this planet.'

Julia, Vet Assistant

Julia is one of the friendly faces you will meet at our main street location. She has 2 dogs, a Lab mix named Honeybear and a Coonhound named Petey. She also has an adorable Syrian Dwarf hamster named Sandy. She graduated from The University of Florida with a degree in Animal Science with an emphasis in Biology. Julia has a strong interest in exotic medicine. She would like to focus on getting into Veterinary School and specializing in Avian Dermatology or Ophthalmology. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring new nature trails and parks with her boyfriend and dogs! Her pet philosophy: 'Adopt, don't shop.'

Adia, Vet Assistant

Adia is one of the vet assistants at our Main Street location. She is currently a senior at the University of Florida studying Zoology. She has a strong interest in veterinary medicine and would like to pursue conservation medicine. She has a Shih Tzu mix named Lola and a calico cat named Keto. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting, going to the beach, and hanging out with her girlfriend and cat.

Holistic & Wellness Location Staff

Heidi, Office Manager, Client Service Representative

Heidi has three sweet dogs, Buddy, Daisy (pictured), and Buster, and five cats. She loves swimming and spending time with her family and friends.

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