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Animal Hospitals in Gainesville, Florida
Animal Hospital in Newberry, Florida

Our purpose is to provide customized basic to advanced veterinary medicine and surgery that is accessible to everyone. 


We provide comprehensive, high-quality veterinary care with an emphasis on exceptional client service and patient care, while providing employees with desirable, fulfilling and financially rewarding employment.


As a business, we want to inspire and nurture the human spirit by serving animal health in the community with excellence, compassion and integrity.  We consistently help promote other local businesses and organizations because that's how we think everything should work--we are all in this together.  We are not corporately-owned!  Our ability to sustain a local business is completely based on our medical care and service, and YOUR satisfaction as a client.  It's that simple.  




Newberry Animal Hospital was founded in 1990 by Dr. Jeff Philpot in the small town of Newberry, just a few miles west of Gainesville.  It began as a rural, mixed animal practice with a single doctor that really knew how to take care of people and pets.  He loved beagles and fishing almost as much as he loved his clients.

As Dr. Baltzley looked for a place to plant his roots, he partnered with Dr. Philpot as they began to plan for future growth. Unfortunately, not much later, the beloved Dr. Philpot was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away in 2008.   His spirit is still a huge part of Newberry Animal Hospital and had an impact on everyone that knew him.  


In 2012, Newberry Animal Hospital rebranded themselves as they expanded with two more clinics in Gainesville, Florida. Renovations have been completed at both the Main Street location, as well as the Newberry location.

In 2013, Newberry Animal Hospital acquired a holistic location in Gainesville, which helps provide a more 'eastern approach' alternative to veterinary care. 

In 2018, our 39th Avenue location extended hours so that our client's had more time options to meet their needs. 

In 2020, along with a world-wide pandemic, we celebrated our 30th year as a local business serving Alachua County by adding Virtual Vet Visits so that you could have your pet's health addressed through a video call or chat.  We also added a Pet Transport option to make it convenient for your pet to get to us!  We look at 2020 as having been like a test to a runner's body in a 'surprise marathon': you get to find out exactly how good your training and condition was...when you needed it the most. So, we are thankful.     

"In order to be a member of our staff, they must live by our core values." - Dr. Jessie Stanley, Medical Director, NAHG  

COURAGE: Fearless, open honesty.  Own your stuff.

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