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Pet Dentals in Gainesville FL

Pet Dental Services

Pet Dental Care

What do you need to know about Canine and Feline Dental Health?  We are glad you asked.  

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease that affects the soft and hard structures that support your pet’s teeth. Yearly evaluation pays off.  

Symptoms of PD:

  • Bad breath

  • Broken or loose teeth

  • Teeth that have become discolored or covered in tartar

  • Drooling or any abnormal chewing

  • Reduced appetite or not eating, as well as dropping food from their mouth as they eat

  • Pain or swelling in or around the mouth

  • Bleeding from the mouth


Be careful when evaluating your pet’s mouth at home. If they are experiencing any pain they may be more prone to bite.  By the age of 3, most pets will show some evidence of periodontal disease. However, if periodontal disease if not treated properly can cause your pet to develop other health related issues such as kidney, liver, and heart muscle changes.


Dental cleaning requires general anesthesia. It makes for a better cleaning, and allows the Veterinarian to be safe working in your pet’s mouth.  Unlike humans, pets are unable to comprehend the fact that what we are doing is actually for their benefit and they could be become frightened and hurt themselves on the dental equipment. 

Petting a White Cat

Here’s what happens during this procedure:

  • A dental cleaning using an ultrasonic scaler. This removes the plaque and tartar

  • A dental polishing

  • Any necessary extractions. Your veterinarian will contact you during the procedure and go over any necessary extractions with you, so that you will know what to expect when you pick your pet up.

  • Dental radiographs may be recommended. This allows your veterinarian to better evaluate the health of your pets jaw and the tooth roots below the gum line.


Pets get to go home the same day.  Brushing is always recommended, but there are also several chews, water additives and powders that you can put on your pet’s food to help decrease the amount of plaque and tartar present on your pet’s teeth. If you suspect that your pet is experiencing any dental health issues contact one of our Newberry Animal Hospital locations, which are full service veterinary and pet care facilities in Gainesville or Newberry FL.

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