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Searching Gainesville for a 'Veterinarian Near Me'? 

Finding a Gainesville Animal Hospital that is nearby and can provide all of the pet care services that you need IS available right here.  We have 10 veterinarians on staff in 3 traditional animal hospitals, and 1 holistic animal hospital in Alachua County, Florida.  

Cuddly Puppies in Gainesville

Wellness Packages

We offer a number of total health care plans from kitten or puppy packages, to canine and feline annual packages, to senior wellness packages for the older pets. Learn more about what our doctors do while examining your pet by clicking on these links: Canine Exam | Feline Exam 

Puppy and kitten packages perfect for getting your new pet started on living their best life!  Packages are comprised of a series of visits scheduled at 3-week intervals.

Are you a new client, or a current client with a new pet?  Save time at your visit and fill out the 'new client' 'new patient' form in advance HERE. 

Laser Therapy for Dogs in Gainesville

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy can help reduce pain and inflammation for pain conditions such as fractures, wounds, post-surgery pain, post-dentals, arthritis, hip displasia, or degenerative joint disease, among others painful conditions. Relief and/or improvement is often noticed within hours, and can work in conjunction with regular treatment protocols by your favorite veterinarian in Gainesville or Newberry, Florida.


Click HERE for a full information pdf.  Click HERE to read the benefits.

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Boarding and Kennels

We offer short-term boarding services for our existing clients, and we provide bowls and bedding. Pets must be current on vaccinations and free of external/internal parasites in order to board with us. We also offer exit-boarding baths, special dips, and baths with flea prevention (prices vary upon weight). Dogs are walked 3 times per day and exercised in our yards. (additional walks are available for an additional cost). If your pet boards for 5 nights or longer with us, your pet is entitled to a bath at 1/2 price (including ear cleaning and nail trim).  Please call our client service representatives for pricing. To register a pet for boarding:  Boarding Release Form


To avoid potential hazards, your pet's collars and leashes will be removed and returned to you when your pet is dropped off for boarding.  If your dog has a bed that needs to be with them for a medical reason, we will accommodate it, but we cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage. We do not have the capability of cleaning dog beds.

Pet Imaging X-Ray in Gainesville, FL

Radiographic Imaging X-ray

A Direct Digital Radiologic suite reduces patient exposure and decreases the amount of time to get total quality images. In addition to the safety aspect, the digital image quality is state of the art and allows us to store, transmit and enhance the images using our computer network. This advanced technology will provide our doctors with a higher degree of diagnostics allowing for increased radiographic capabilities well beyond the traditional methods.

Veterinary Surgeon in Gainesville FL


This unit is used during many surgical procedures.  It allows the surgeon to cut and coagulate (stop bleeding), using radio-waves. This state-of-the art equipment works with a radiofrequency tip that actually becomes energized but does not become hot. Because it functions this way, there is no risk of shock or electrical burns as seen with conventional electrocautery. Radiowave surgery offers many benefits such as; decreased blood loss, reduced risk of infection, minimized tissue destruction, and quicker recovery time. Radiosurgery can be employed for spay/neuter, tumor removal, mastectomy, skin tags and biopsy procedures. Ask the doctor’s and staff about this  technique, or visit our surgery page!

Ginger Cat


This is a great tool to provide our doctors with a non-invasive look inside. One of the most common reasons for a veterinarian to use ultrasound is as an aid to diagnosis. For example, if a male cat is brought in by an owner who claims that the cat is having difficulty urinating, the veterinarian might use ultrasound to check for an obstruction in the bladder or urethra. While examining these organs the veterinarian can also look at bladder thickness, and for bladder stones. Ultrasound can also be used to examine suspicious masses and other findings which occur during a manual exam. It can also be used in emergency settings to look for serious medical problems such as internal organs damaged in a collision.



Acupuncture can be an excellent therapy for chronic conditions that are managed rather than completely cured with western medicine. This can include many musculoskeletal problems such as arthritis, disc disease, seizures, gastrointestinal disorders such as vomiting, diarrhea and constipation, chronic respiratory problems such as asthma, and skin problems, kidney disease and some urinary tract disorders.  For more information about how acupuncture can help your pet, please visit our holistic location website.  The holistic location is next door to our 39th Ave location which is near the I-75 exit in Gainesville. 

Dog in Action


Please visit the dental page of this website for more info!


Pet Surgery

Yes, we do many types of pet surgery, so it deserved it's own surgery page. 

Dog in Farm

Allergy Testing

Does your pet suffer from allergies?  If you want to understand what specifically your pet is allergic to, we offer allergy testing.  Read more about this service here.

Wellness Packages
Laser Therapy
Boarding & Kennels
Pet Xrays or Radiographs
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