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All About Rescues

Many of the local pet rescues that offer a first 'free exam' certificate when you adopt a pet.  If used by it's expiration date, it may be redeemed at one of our hospitals.*

Veterinarians that work with rescue organizations not only help the community thrive, but provides priceless relationships that benefit your family AND your pets.    

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Southeastern Guide Dogs

This non-profit helps create elite working dogs and provide life-changing services for people with vision loss, veterans with disabilities, and children with significant challenges such as vision loss or the loss of a parent in the military. All of our services—which include selective breeding and expert dog training; comprehensive on-campus student instruction; and the most robust alumni support program in North America—are provided at no cost to recipients. They are always looking for willing families to raise a puppy!  For more information, visit here.
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Humane Society

Our own Dr. Stanley is on the board at the Humane Society of North Central Florida.  The HSNCF is a limited intake, no-kill animal rescue shelter. Most of the animals in our facility are transferred from Alachua County Animal Services. We also care for numerous underage litters of puppies and kittens during the overwhelming spring seasons. From the moment animals arrive at HSNCF, their number one priority is to facilitate their comfort and care, and then find them a loving home as quickly as possible.  
Gainesville Pet Rescue

Gainesville Pet Rescue

Gainesville Pet Rescue, Inc. (GPR) is a not for profit organization that strives to match pets and people for a lifetime. All animals that are rescued and taken into our program are guaranteed a home regardless of the length of time they may have to stay in our foster care program. Since its inception in 1993, thousands of animals have been placed into loving, permanent homes.

Paws on Parole

​Paws on Parole is a partnership program between Alachua County Animal Services, the Florida Department of Corrections Gainesville Work Camp, and the Alachua County Sheriffs Office. The program’s main goal is to increase the adoption and retention rates of selected dogs at the Alachua County Animal Shelter. In addition, the program provides experience and education in dog care for inmates.

The dogs are selected by shelter personnel and volunteer trainers, who test the dogs around other dogs, cats, and people. Selected dogs are matched with inmates at the Work Camp. Under the supervision of volunteer professional trainers the dogs and their handlers spend eight weeks learning basic obedience.

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Pets For Patriots

Pets for Patriots helps shelters, rescues and municipal animal controls adopt some of the more challenged pets in their care to veterans living in your community - and partners with local veterinarians for ongoing, discounted care. In addition, they provide a range of benefits to help make pet adoption and guardianship affordable for our nation's heroes, while at the same time saving the most overlooked dogs and cats.


Operation Catnip

Their goal is to reduce the population of free-roaming community cats since 1998.

As a result of their humane Trap-Neuter-Return efforts, shelter admissions have decreased, reducing the number of community cats killed unnecessarily and the financial burden on county taxpayers.

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K9 Veterans Memorial Foundation

​This non-profit is full of 'K9-loving veterans' who support working dogs and their handlers, both here and abroad.  They became a 501-3c non-profit in 2014, and started because of the lack of recognition for our 'four-legged soldiers' in the Veterans Memorial Park in Gainesville, Florida. They honor our K9's and handlers and provide funding for any needed equipment or medical needs for our Law Enforcement or Military K9s, or for the K9s of American Veterans.

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