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Getting to Know Dr. Morris-Roberts!

Dr. Jennifer Morris-Roberts has been a staple to our group of first-class Holistic veterinarians. With tons of acupuncture training under her belt, her expertise in both acupuncture and general veterinary wellness care can be felt in every age of pet she sees. Now, as she continues to grow here at Newberry Animal Holistic and Wellness Center, Dr. Morris-Roberts took some time to sit down with Marketing Coordinator Olivia to answer a few of her clients' most burning questions as part of our DVM Interview Series:

Olivia: You have been in the veterinary industry for many years - what is your earliest memory of a pet in your life?

Dr. Jennifer Morris-Roberts: I have never been without a pet. The first ones I remember are when I was three years old. We had a pug, a calico kitty and a red-eared slider turtle. To my parents' dismay, I tried to take the turtle with me wherever I went and would put it inside my purse.

O: Is there something about you that most people do not know, but would be surprised to hear?

JMR: I was a drummer in the high school marching band!

O: If you could go back and have five minutes with your ‘younger self’, how would you use that time, or what would you say?

JMR: I would sit and watch my grandmother cook and write down the recipes of her delicious foods! And I would tell myself it would be a good idea to wear sunscreen instead of baby oil.

O: How do you want the world to be different because YOU lived in it?

JMR: A little more kind and gentle one small interaction at a time.

O: When you find yourself with a sudden amount of free time unexpectedly, how do you spend it?

JMR: Reading, visiting the farmers market or practicing yoga.

O: Thank you for your interview! We always end it with a favorite quote. What is yours?

JMR: "Look where you want to go, not where you don't want to go." This was a mountain bike instructor's advice to me on staying on the trail. I never became a mountain biker, but that has been a great mantra for much of life!


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