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Getting to Know Dr. Gruntmeir!

As she celebrates 5 years at NAH - and a new title as part-owner - Dr. Gruntmeir is ready to take on a new hospital. In between welcoming new clients to our Springhill location, Dr. Gruntmeir was able to sit down with me to answer a few questions about her career as a veterinarian and what it took to get here.

Olivia: Your love for all animals is undeniable in the care you provide for your patients. What is your earliest memory of a pet in your life?

Dr. Gruntmeir: My earliest memory of a pet was my first love and "sister". I was the only girl surrounded by brothers and when I was in 3rd grade I begged my parents for a sister... Needless to say, I got a dog that was an alternative to an actual human sister! Ha! I absolutely loved her and she was perfect! Felicity was a black and tan dachshund that did everything and went everywhere with me. She helped me dig holes when gardening every spring and living on 20 acres of land gave us the freedom to chase rabbits together into the woods. We never could catch them, as her legs were too short and I was too slow. She was such a good girl!

O: Is there something about you that most people do not know, but would be surprised to hear?

KG: I used to sing and travel in an acapella recruiting group when attending college prior to vet school.

O: If you could go back and have five minutes with your ‘younger self’, how would you use that time, or what would you say?

KG: Oh wow, this question is thoughtful! I would love to be able to go back and tell my younger self to invest in myself and my future, be courageous, confident, strong, know that you are loved, and to take a deep breath and know that everything will be OK. I feel like it took me a lot longer to figure these things out and wish it could have been sooner, which is why I hope to instill this wisdom into my children as much as possible.

O: How do you want the world to be different because YOU lived in it?

KG: I want to make a difference by investing in my children and in relationships around me. I want the world to be a different place living and leading by example in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. My hope is that I raise my children to follow a Christ-like example and change the world by practicing these things to all people and extending grace and forgiveness.

I find more and more that it's a life long mission to be and become these things myself. But I will do my best to keep practicing, showing, and teaching my children what this looks like so the world might be just a little changed by me.

O: When you find yourself with a sudden amount of free time unexpectedly, how do you spend it?

KG: This one makes me laugh...what's "free time"?! I spend a great amount of time prioritizing what I feel is important in my life such as my spirituality, my family and relationships, and my career and as a veterinarian, wife, and mother of 2. I don't find much unexpected free time, but if I could I might actually take a nice long NAP!

O: Thank you for your interview! We always end it with a favorite quote. What is yours?

KG: Yes absolutely! I have so many I love but this one is my all time favorite by Ralph Waldo Emerson, "What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you."

Ooooh, one more if it's allowed! Another personal favorite I have on repeat with my children on a daily basis..."Be kind to all kinds, no matter what kind." - Author unknown


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