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How Our Dog Wash Began- 11 Years Ago

On Saturday, April 21st Newberry Animal Hospital will host the 11th Annual Charity Dog Wash with proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society's 'Relay for Life' campaign. This event was established after the late Dr. Philpot's cancer diagnosis in 2007. Everyone at Newberry Animal Hospital wanted to dedicate this event to Dr. Philpot's memory. It served as a commemorative way to honor his loved-ones and the community that still misses him dearly.

Dr. Philpot attended Newberry High School and served in the Air Force prior to graduating from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine before he opened Newberry Animal Hospital.

Kristyn Busch, receptionist at our Newberry location, met with the owner of Newberry Animal Hospital, Dr. Lance Baltzley, to talk about how Dr. Philpot made such a significant impact on so many people:

K.B.: You knew Dr. Philpot for over 3 years, how would you describe him?

Dr. Baltzley: He was compassionate. He was very tied to the community with business and family. He was funny and a little goofy which was unexpected.

K.B.: What is your favorite memory of him?

Dr. Baltzley: Working together after hours. When the clinic was closed, we would still have emergencies we needed to treat. We had some great personal conversations during that time. You really get to know someone, you bond and learn from each other.

K.B.: Is there a particular lesson you learned from him while working together?

Dr. Baltzley: The best lesson, was balancing work and life. You have to make time for a personal life, too. It is just as important as everything else.

K.B.: What do you wish the newer clients of Newberry Animal Hospital knew about him?

Dr. Baltzley: I wish they knew how much he cared for their pets. He was 'all in' when it came to treating dogs and cats with the best care. He cared the same amount for our clients. He valued the community and always tried to give back, as much as he could. He was very compassionate and a big contributor to charities.

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