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Millennials And Their Pets

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Millennials get such a bad wrap. They are THE hot topic in any employment related articles, and people love to talk about how sheltered they have lived, and how challenging they are to manage in the workplace. But here is what you don't hear: they are super connected with their pets. Like, super connected. To be specific, researchers and popular media typically define millennials as people born between early 1980s to early 2000s. According to MarketWatch, pet owners spent over $885 million dollars on their pets for Valentines Day. More interestingly, 45% of millennials say that their pet's approval of a new romantic partner matters more than their family's. How many days will you wait before you introduce them to your furry friend? Studies vary. Social outings that millennials tend to enjoy as a couple often include pets, such as dog parks, picnics, and hiking in good weather. They are often evaluating their pets approval from day 1.

Two-thirds of millennials consider their pets comfort when purchasing a car. Where will they be the most comfortable during travel? Will multiple pets be safe and each have enough of their own vehicle room? With companies like Ford, Chevy, Honda, and Subaru, there are very few car commercials that don't include a pet in them. It’s no wonder. We will continue to love our pets, and we welcome any millennials that want to bring their pets to us!

Whatever the future holds for Millennials, pets will undoubtedly be a large part of their life. And we want to be a part of their pet's life!

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