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Helping Others is #WINNING

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Meet Peanut! She is a 12 year old dog that presented to a local specialty emergency hospital after the owners noticed that she was walking funny and breathing differently. This facility did an evaluation and took x-rays of her hips followed by a diagnosis of arthritis, and given anti-inflammatory medicine for pain and sent home.

After no improvement over the weekend, the owner took Peanut to their family vet, and after additional X-rays, she was diagnosed with a diaphragmatic hernia. After receiving a higher-then-anticipated estimate from the emergency hospital, the family vet reached out to us.

Very quickly, NAH confirmed the diagnosis, and provided an estimate that was substantially lower, so the owner approved and she and our surgeon agreed upon a plan to fix Peanut. On the day of surgery, and after going in, they found her injuries to be even more extensive than originally anticipated. Our surgeon found a portion of her liver, stomach and spleen had been traumatically displaced into the left side of her chest cavity. Ultimately, the surgery was a success with Peanut’s diaphragm repaired!

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