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National LOVE YOUR PET Day!

Whoops, we almost missed it. Here is it: almost 9pm. Making a post about National Love Your Pet, not to offend anyone, but I'm about to share a secret.

Shhhhhhh......At Newberry Animal Hospital.... we love your pets EVERYDAY.

There. I said it. So this just seems a little, um...I don't know--let's say CRAZY--that there would even BE a day that you didn't love your pet. And if you are busy, we will do it for you.

But if you DO have a day where you didn't feel well, or had to work, or maybe your pet was not feeling it. Either way. Go love your pet. Like--RIGHT NOW. It's just a good idea, and no one needs to mark it on the calendar. It's like taking your vitamins. Reduces stress. Studies show that people that love their pets live longer. They have better life balance. And pets needs are super basic, in terms of NEEDS, anyway. Food, sleep, water, a good Vet...LOVE. That's about it. 1,2,3, 4, boom! ...and you're done. Or.....

....bring them here and let us love your pet. Either way. (Just sayin')

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