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* Our New Veterinarian in Newberry *


Please help us welcome Dr. Smith to our large doctor group! Dr. Smith has spent over a decade in emergency medicine and now enjoys using her experience to keep pets healthy. She is passionate about teaching, having spent several years as faculty with Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Her professional interests are pain management, toxicities, trauma, and soft tissue surgery. Dr. Smith is certified in Veterinary Medical Acupuncture, which she uses as an additional tool to help keep pets comfortable, decrease anxiety, and improve appetite. Interests outside of the clinic are travel, yoga, paddle boarding, and any outdoor activities with her husband, daughter, and dog.

To read more about all of our doctors on staff, visit our website here.


WORTH ANOTHER MENTION: In February of 2019, we posted on our NAH Newberry Location FB page how you could extend the life of your pet's bed by covering it with baby crib sheets. We were surprised by the amount of post sharing that resulted from that. See this 2019 post and new bed photos here: These 2 pet beds were purchased at Walmart in February of 2019, and the photos below were taken on July 1, 2021. The family dogs and cats have been using them both DAILY. Crazy, right???


For anyone that doesn't want to visit our FB page from 2019, that's cool. Here is what it said:

"Pet Bed Tip: For anyone with pets that may not have seen this idea, credit goes to my mom. The Baltzley family has both cats and dogs, and we try to buy good pet beds so that they are comfortable and last. This is a medium size Serta memory foam dog bed we bought at Walmart. (We have two.) My mom told me that she covers hers with baby crib sheets so that all she has to do is switch it out and throw the dirty one in the washer. We’ve had this bed for 6 months and it still looks new. Thanks, Mom!! Pssst..Pass it on."

From now on, our home may not have babies, but we have several crib sheets!



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