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Reasons to LOVE your pet on 'LOVE YOUR PET' Day!

Here in Alachua County, we have a pet-loving culture. Researchers love to discuss the human-animal-bond, and the interconnectedness between humans and pets.

Pets make us healthy.

According to the article in The Washington Post, pets 'reduce people’s stress, provided the pet is behaving properly. Good interactions do have quite a profound effect, causing changes in oxytocin and in beta endorphins. Those are actual changes going on in the body of somebody who is stroking a friendly dog. So that’s the upside.' If we have a pet that helps drive us to exercise, that is an unexpected benefit that cannot go unnoticed.

Pets make us trustworthy.

Multiple studies show that in the eyes of the viewer, someone with a friendly dog at their side appears more 'trustworthy', according to a book by expert, John Bradshaw. How fascinating is that?

We believe that getting a pet will create a happier life for ourselves.

For those of us that are pet owners, we already know this to be true. Even though it is heartbreaking to lose a pet, having one give us 'a feeling of 'satisfaction — stroking a dog or a cat causes hormones to be released and makes the person doing it feel good.'

Pets are another way that we can be 'caretakers'.

According to 'The Washington Post', 'In primate societies, grooming has historically been a behavior that held primates together....'somewhere deep in our brains is a need to do this grooming of something that’s hairy, and we can satisfy that by stroking a dog or combing the cat.'

So, this is especially true when animal hospitals hire new employees. Many people that wouldn't consider choosing a career with animal interaction change their mind after getting to spend their work days saving them.

We hope that when our clients find us when they google 'veterinarians in Gainesville', that we are forming a long-term relationship for life. We very much love being the caretakers of your pets, and we wouldn't have it any other way. For more information about pets and animal care in Gainesville, visit our website!

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