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UF Research - GOT A CAT? Participate in a Survey

Dr. Nicole Doray and Christian Beister at UF are conducting research to assess the correlation between an owner’s perception of feline anxiety and the likelihood of bringing their cat to a veterinary hospital. We offered to help connect them to cat owners to complete a survey as a part of the research process. If you would like to participate in a brief survey, there is a link at the bottom on this blog.

According to Christian, 'by completing the following survey, you can help to evaluate some of the common behavioral issues in veterinary medicine and, potentially, improve future experiences with a veterinarian for pets. Your time is valuable, and we cannot thank you enough for your contribution to this important research!'

For any questions about this research or the survey, please contact Christian directly (information below):

Christian Beisker BS Animal Sciences University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine- DVM Candidate c/o 2024 Head of Lab, Animalia Lab- UF Department of Psychology Email: Nicole R. Dorey, Ph.D. C.A.A.B.

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