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Did your dog enjoy Canine Fitness Month?

The weather is getting warmer and your four legged best friend is ready to get outside to play. It's a great time to incorporate new activities for you and your pet to get into shape. Whether your pet is perfectly trained and plays fetch, or just likes to run around in the back yard, there's plenty of things you can do together. Gainesville has several dog friendly parks to visit and romp with other active dogs.

Long, slow walks are great for older dogs and helps them keep their muscles toned. Younger dogs might enjoy an obstacle course or a controlled run. If you have a ladder around your house, you can place that flat on the ground and have your dog walk over the rungs. This works his muscles in a controlled manner and can help with coordination.

How about playing hide and seek? You can play a more traditional hide and seek game where you hide and he comes to find you, or try hiding his favorite treat in places around the yard or park so he has to use his nose to find his treat!

Enjoy this beautiful spring weather with a run and a good, strong leash. We at Newberry Animal Hospital encourage excellent pet health by staying active, so they live a long and wonderful life!

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