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DNA Testing For Your Dog?

Do you stare at your dog and wonder what his parents must have looked like? At Newberry Animal Hospital, we are firm believers in our clients knowing as much as possible about their pets. For this reason, we have chosen to carry the veterinary-exclusive Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis DNA testing kits! These DNA tests not only provide you with your pets ancestry information (going back three generations), but also specific genetic health markers so that you and your veterinarian can develop a health-and-wellness plan that is specific to your pet.

The Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis DNA testing kit has four major benefits:

  • It can determine up to 250 types and varieties of dog breeds using unique genetic signatures.

  • It can help create a proactive plan for your dogs health by testing for more than 130 different genetic mutations including the MDR1. This mutation can decrease your pets ability to limit the absorption and distribution of drugs and may cause your dog to have severe adverse reactions to some commonly prescribed drugs. This mutation is generally found in herding breeds, sight hounds and some mixed breeds.

  • Predicts your dogs likely weight and size as an adult and provides benchmarks to ensure your pet maintains a healthy weight.

  • Offers nutritional guidelines and feeding recommendations, based on your dogs ancestral breed information.

Please visit for a full list of breeds that are tested as well as all individual diseases and mutations that are tested with the Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis DNA testing kit.

The Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis DNA testing kit can be preformed with a simple visit to see us!

  • Your veterinarian will take a blood sample from your dog to mail into the Royal Canin USDA accredited laboratory as well as activate the test kit online.

  • The sample then gets processed and analyzed at the laboratory.

  • Within 2-3 weeks your veterinarian will receive your dogs full Genetic Health Analysis DNA report.

Your veterinarian will contact you with the results so that you can develop the best health and wellness plan possible for your dog.

While this test cannot be used to register your dog with the AKC, it provides you and your veterinarian with a comprehensive report based on your pets ancestral DNA results. If you are interested in finding out more about your pets history (and possible health and genetic mutations that could be present) please give one of our veterinary hospitals in Gainesville or Newberry,

Florida a call to schedule your pets Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis testing kit appointment today!

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