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National Pet Week

Happy National Pet week from all of us at Newberry Animal Hospital! This first week of May is dedicated to celebrating the impact our furry friends have on our lives. May 7th is specifically dedicated to encourage socialization between pets. These interactions with other animals, people and activities can better prepare your pet for the future. The recommended period, otherwise known as the “sensitive period,” to begin these interactions is between 3-14 weeks of age for dogs, and 3-9 weeks of age for kittens. If you are a new pet owner, there are a few things you can do to better prepare yourself and your pet:

  • Creating a plan for your pet is a great way to gradually expose them to different environments, individuals, and animals. Each plan should be different depending on your type of lifestyle.

  • Supplying consistent positive interactions can help alleviate some of the anxiety or aggression your pet might feel in a new situation.

  • Applaud your pets progression with treats or play time. On the other hand, allow them the appropriate space if they have an uncomfortable interaction with a fellow pet.

  • Contact your veterinarian in Newberry Florida to confirm your furry friend is fully vaccinated and able to attend social environments like parks or stores. (Some places even require documentation)

  • Your veterinarian at Newberry Animal Hospital may also help you come up with a specific socialization plan for you and your pet, or offer recommendations based on your pets specific behavioral needs.

The opportunity for socialization should be continued throughout your pets entire life (whether it's dog parks, or picnics and family events) to promote better well being and good temperament.


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