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Getting to Know Dr. Schaedel!

Dr. Karen Schaedel is the newest veterinarian at our Main Street location, and has already made a mark on our practice with her warmth, kindness, and compassion. Coming to NAH with a large following from her previous hospital, Dr. Schaedel gives a masterclass on what it means to make her clients feel heard, their pets cared for, and every detail buttoned up and accounted for. In this much-anticipated DVM interview, Marketing Manager Olivia was very excited to sit down with Dr. Schaedel and learn just how she came to be the veterinarian she is today.

Olivia: Dr. Schaedel, you have made quite the reputation for caring for each of your patients like they're your own. What is your earliest memory of a pet in your life?

Dr. Schaedel: I actually wasn’t allowed to have pets in my early life because we traveled a lot—but that didn’t stop me from loving animals.  One of my earliest memories is when we were visiting my family in Dusseldorf, Germany.  My uncle had a terrier mix and I would always get to take him on long walks through the beautiful parks by myself—the sense of freedom and connection left me desiring my own pets one day—I have since overcompensated with 8 cats, 2 dogs, 2 miniature horses, etc.

O: Is there something about you that most people do not know but would be surprised to hear?

KS: Yes, as a teenager in the '80s I was a punk rocker “wannabe” with jet black hair, Doc Martins and a “sassy” attitude to go with it.  

O: If you could go back and have five minutes with your ‘younger self’, how would you use that time, or what would you say?

KS: Hmmm. I would have told myself to “slow down” and live in the moment—to enjoy my friends and family more and not be in such a rush to grow up. 

O: How do you want the world to be different because you lived in it? 

KS: I would like to think my passion for animal care leaves the world in a better place. I try to practice compassion and not pass judgement on each family’s ability to care for their pet. I realize that every family has different abilities to provide veterinary services for their pets and try to provide the best possible care in each situation. The world is a better place with happy pets and happy pet families.

O: When you find yourself with free time unexpectedly how do you spend it?

KS: I am an introvert, so my favorite pastime is a long walk in the woods with my two dogs. We often go to the Chacala trail at Paynes Prairie or the trails at Sweetwater Preserve. I also love a good work out at Orange Theory Fitness. 

O: Thank you for your interview! We always end it with a favorite quote. What is yours?

KS: “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing” - Socrates

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