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Getting to Know Dr. Lebo!

One word synonymous with Dr. Nikki Lebo is 'compassion'. Whether it be welcoming a new puppy to the hospital or helping the family of a senior cat navigate their kitty's old age, Dr. Lebo always knows just what to say to make all of her clients feel comfortable and welcome in her exam room. Her gentle nature has long been a trait all of Newberry Animal Hospital has admired her for, which is why Marketing Coordinator Olivia was very excited to sit down with her and learn more about just where that empathy came from as part of the next installment of our DVM Interview Series:

Olivia: "Dr. Lebo, it is clear you have had a love for animals from an early age. What is your earliest memory of a pet in your life?"

Dr. Lebo: My earliest memory is of my childhood basset hound named Agatha who was a part of our family before I was born and up until elementary school. She was an extremely patient girl who was very tolerant of her human sister wanting to play veterinarian with her every day. I always wanted to tag along to her vet visits and develop a lasting love for caring for animals.

O: Is there something about you that most people do not know, but would be surprised to hear?

NL: While I am a homebody at heart, I also find traveling to new places to be both exciting and rewarding. I have visited 15 countries with a combination of mission trips and vacations.

O: If you could go back and have five minutes with your ‘younger self’, how would you use that time, or what would you say?

NL: My younger self was very worried and stressed about the future and making my dreams come true. If I could have 5 minutes with her, I would emphasize to relax more and enjoy the ride, but also to never give up on those dreams as they would be worth all of the hard work needed to achieve her goals.

O: How do you want the world to be different because YOU lived in it?

NL: I hope that through my interactions with others, they can feel loved, heard, and appreciated. This includes not only my family and friends but also owners of animals I am taking care of and even strangers on the street. I want to foster an environment of kindness and compassion to those who cross my path in life.

O: When you find yourself with a sudden amount of free time unexpectedly, how do you spend it?

NL: I love a long walk in nature with my dog while listening to an audiobook or chatting with a friend. I also try to channel my not-very-artistic side by completing a paint by numbers piece or cross-stitching.

O: Thank you for your interview! We always end it with a favorite quote. What is yours?

NL: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” - Joshua 1:9

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